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Online or offline dating for men and women who want to flirt with more ease. With self-confidence, courage and the right (body) language.

Together, we may not find a “dream girl” or “Mr. “perfect” for you, but definitely someone authentic with all their charming idiosyncrasies and little quirks. On the site of Flirtcoach Munich and with my help you will learn how flirting becomes second nature – and how to perfect your flirting attempts and resist seduction. 💘

Online or offline dating for men and women who want to flirt with more ease. With self-confidence, courage and the right (body) language.

Together we may not find a “dream girl” or “Mr. Perfect” for you, but definitely someone authentic with all their charming idiosyncrasies and little quirks.

On the site of Flirtcoach Munich and with my help, you will discover how flirting becomes second nature – and how to perfect your flirting attempts and resist seduction. 💘


Discard shyness

You’ll gain looseness and ease as we tackle your shyness together while practicing small talk. We use playful role-playing, whether in a relaxed atmosphere in the park or in a cozy café.

Gain confidence

I help you to strengthen your self-worth, to gain new self-confidence and to come across as likeable and authentic. For this I will show you the difference between excessive macho behavior and

authentic, actually cool appearance when dating in everyday life or online dating, when writing profile texts.

Courage to approach women

Addressing women becomes a cool adventure with my help. You will have the right words ready at the right time. 💪🚀

In “Flirting for Men” I describe the path from the first contact to a satisfied and happy partnership.

Discard perfectionism

You can gain more ease with my help by learning to let go of your shyness or your perfectionist demands.

Gain self-confidence

I will be happy to support you in strengthening your self-esteem in the context of dating in everyday life or online dating. so that you appear likeable and authentic to others.

Courage to take the initiative

With my support, you’ll learn to be bold and quick-witted in both everyday flirting and online dating. You will be able to confidently take the initiative by appearing positive and open and skillfully using your facial expressions as well as body language to signal your interest. 😊💃

In “Flirting for Women” I describe the path from the first contact to a satisfied and happy partnership.

Flirt coaching with the help of life coaching

For men as well as for women: no flirt coaching without
life coaching
. Only when I know who I am and what I want from life do I convince others of who I am.

Real dating partners, not a “dream partner”

Those who are not in the middle of life themselves, and who bring self-confidence, composure and contentment with them, will not be able to find the “dream woman” or “Mr. Perfect” only experience disappointment.

The path to the ideal partner

Without important insights into your own personality, your desires and goals, the search for your ideal partner will remain unsuccessful for you. This is not bad news, but good news. Because your personal development gives your life more meaning. And it makes you interesting to others.

In“Flirting for Men” I describe the path from the first contact to a satisfied and happy partnership.

In“Flirting for Women” I describe the path from the first contact to a satisfied and happy partnership.

Pair coaching

With recurring conflicts, a breach of trust due to an affair, or a lack of respect for each other, there is a need for conflict resolution. This can be achieved through trust building or conflict resolution. Couple coaching or couple therapy helps to find a constructive, appreciative communication. The goal here is to find the way back to love.

Individual consulting

Individual counseling is useful for anyone who is unsure about continuing the relationship. It may be that needs and goals are already too far apart, that there are hardly any common interests, or that the partner lacks empathy.

The goal is to clarify whether the relationship still gets a chance, or whether a new path should be taken to find the right relationship partner.

Expertise as a couple coach

My approach to couple coaching is based on my many years of experience in the field of couple counseling and couple therapy.

Home Bild Life Coach

Timo ten Barge
Tel:/Whatsapp: 0157-77397394

What my clients say

Google recessions

Timo accompanied and coached me for a long time in a time of new beginnings. He helped me a lot to recognize my strengths again, both professionally and privately.

I was able to overcome my great shyness in relation to men and after a very long time I was able to enter into a partnership again. Timo is very competent and always well prepared. What I particularly liked was that the coaching sessions always took place at eye level. You are in good hands with Timo, I am happy to recommend him and would turn to him again and again.

Love and thank you, Timo!

Anna Lena

5 years ago b

n the coaching sessions, Timo quickly creates a pleasant and informal atmosphere.

He understands how to take up my sometimes complex concerns in the best possible way and steer them to the appropriate solutions.

In doing so, he also keeps an eye on adjacent areas of life (e. g. B. Flirt->Find strengths->Self-realization->Build networks) to draw the maximum benefit for the overall development. Many thanks at this point for the positive cooperation!

Stephan Leugner

I joined Timo about half a year ago, and I'm really super happy with him. He helped me incredibly, and I really think you can say he helped me take one of the biggest steps in my life. Beyond that, he was just always very human and understanding. Honestly 10/10.

Best regards from Utrecht, Timo

Sophie von Behren

Timo absolutely knows his stuff and can really motivate you to really work on your goals, whether it's flirting or other areas of life.

Thomas Antoniadis

Timo is a super coach. You can't describe it with words at all. I feel taken very seriously by him and can talk to him very openly about my problems.
He has a clear view of the situation and offers solutions suitable for everyday use.
Thanks for your great work!!!

Paula M

Timo helped us find our love and feelings for each other again. My friend and I felt very comfortable with Timo as he is a friendly and personable person.

He prepares very well for the talks, which is why we were able to talk openly about our relationship problems and find solutions together, also using various tests as well as exercises.

Thanks to Timo`s support, we fought together and walked a hard road together.

Verena Janker

Timo is an incredibly sympathetic coach who has already been able to give me decisive impulses for my personal development on a number of topics. In his coachings there is a good balance of theoretical basics and the personal conversation;

he is also well networked with other coaches in the field and puts you in touch with specialists when needed. I will continue to visit him and can fully recommend him.

Christian fox

Out of curiosity, I confided in Timo with two private matters.
In doing so, Timo came across as very personable & empathetic. But the most important thing, he found super fast interesting approaches & presented & explained different approaches.
I can recommend Timo & his work with a clear conscience! 🙂

Fabian Black

I found Timo's concepts individual and very helpful!!!
I especially liked the Life Daemon on motivation.

Greek Date

Timo is a very good coach. He knows how to ask for the specifics of his clients and tailor the coaching to them individually. In addition, he has a very comprehensive repertoire of methods, techniques and knowledge, which he knows how to apply in a targeted manner.

I can warmly recommend Timo!

Matthias G

My appointments with Timo have helped me a lot. Even after the first meeting, I had the feeling that he understood my situation well and followed up in the right places. He puts a lot of emphasis on finding individually suitable methods and does not simply give tips according to a pattern. Highly recommended!

David tests

What topic do you need help with?

Help with dating in everyday life?

At parties, in pubs or just walking around.

Self-image and external image – How do I flirt more courageously?

  • How do I overcome my shyness?
  • How do I become more confident when flirting?
  • How do I affect others?

First contact – How do I appear more attractive?

  • How do I approach someone who interests me?
  • What should the decisive first sentence be?
  • What do facial expressions/body language tell me about her/him?

The conversation – How do I make myself interesting?

  • How do I present myself convincingly? How do I seduce?
  • How do I keep a conversation going and come across as more exciting and cool?
  • How do I make it to the first date?

Help with online dating?

On dating sites like Parship, Lovescout or dating platforms like Tinder, Once.

The profile Gos and No-Gos

  • How do I present myself? Create profile text
  • Which profile photos are promising?
  • What should not be missing from the dating profile?

The chat history – which opener works?

  • Which conversation opener should I choose?
  • How do I structure my messages in a target-oriented way?
  • What topics do I address?

The decisive phase – How do I get to the date?

  • How do I establish trust with the date partner?
  • How do I get emotional access
  • When and where should the meeting take place?

What else you learn with me

Positive psychology

⋅ Identity, self-worth and self-image --> appearing self-confident and authentic

⋅ Motivation --> Resolve motivational conflicts between head (what does she/he think about me) and gut (negative feelings).

⋅ Strengths and weaknesses analysis --> Identify strengths, leverage. Shape weaknesses (reframe)

⋅ Becoming aware of one's own feelings and values --> being in tune with the date partner.

Communication Psychology

⋅ Emphatic listening, showing sincere interest --> First understand, then be understood.

⋅ Constructive flirting --> Showing presence, radiating attractiveness, and drawing confidence.

⋅ The art of giving the flirting conversation the desired direction --> Ideal course of conversation or chat.

⋅ Asking meaningful questions and using humor --> strategies that lead to the next date.

Nonverbal communication

⋅ Interpret and use facial expressions and body language.

⋅ Being able to use the decisive phases in online and offline flirting --> from attracting attention to approaching.

⋅ The logic of flirting --> Separate observation from interpretation: be able to distinguish conruent (uniform) from nonconruent (facial expressions/body) language.

⋅ Recognizing subtle emotions in a flirting partner --> Flirting in tune: interpreting and reflecting emotions.

Flirting with the whole body --> Use of the 5 gestures to support the flirting behavior.

Blog posts

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Ich bin Timo und zeige dir, wie du als Mann souveräner auftreten kannst. Angst und Schüchternheit zu überwinden, gehört zu meinen Kernexpertisen.

Wie kann ich dir helfen?

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Ich bin Timo und zeige dir, wie du den richtigen Partner an deiner Seite finden kannst.

Wie kann ich dir helfen?

Du möchtest von attraktiven Männern wahrgenommen werden, die mitten im Leben stehen?

Du weißt noch nicht, was dich zur souveränen Flirtpartnerin macht.
 –> In drei Schritten zum ersehten Partner

–> Gleich zur Coaching-Anfrage: 

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