About me

Why do I offer flirt coaching

Hi, my name is Timo, and I want to help you approach others more boldly, confidently and persuasively.

Flirting is something natural and everyone can learn it.
I have been working with people for more than 20 years, the last 12 years as a flirt and life coach, focusing mainly on personal development, social skills, (non)verbal communication and improving quality of life.

In flirt coaching I build on this knowledge and can help you specifically with different topics in the flirt area. This can be about flirting in practice, i.e. how you approach someone you like, or more about the
Online flirting, that is, for example, about creating a meaningful profile.

The focus is on topics such as: building self-confidence, strengthening self-worth, interpreting and using body language. Ultimately, it’s about how you can manage to flirt more boldly, appear more attractive, and make a conversation more interesting – all skills I’m happy to teach you.

Competences as a flirt coach

My strengths are a creative and analytical mindset combined, with high communication and empathy skills.

Due to my many years of experience as a life coach, I can quickly offer solutions, especially when it comes to typical life coaching topics such as, appearing self-confident, strengthening motivation, grasping facial expressions, gestures and body language.

My work as a flirt coach is characterized by the fact that I can offer very specific solutions from the areas of communication and positive psychology.

As in life coaching, there is a special method in flirt coaching to accelerate success in flirting. In the preliminary meeting this method is presented.


Studies of philosophy and psychology in Nijmegen, Ankara, Perugia and Berlin

English and Dutch language teacher

Intercultural trainings for companies and VHS

・Life Coach in Munich

・Flirt coach in Munich

・Expat Coach in Munich

Continuing education

  • Mimic resonance ,ProfessionaP with Dirk Eilert (Mimic resonance trainer)
  • Training ‘Body language, facial expressions and gestures’ with Dr. Hennenlotter (psychologist)
  • NLP with Susanne Blum (Biolance/NLP Trainer)
  • Flirt hypnosis with Hella pruegner (hypnotherapist)
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