Flirt coaching psychology

What else you learn with me

Positive psychology

⋅ Identity, self-worth and self-image --> appearing self-confident and authentic

⋅ Motivation --> Resolve motivational conflicts between head (what does she/he think about me) and gut (negative feelings).

⋅ Strengths and weaknesses analysis --> Identify strengths, leverage. Shape weaknesses (reframe)

⋅ Becoming aware of one's own feelings and values --> being in tune with the date partner.

Communication Psychology

⋅ Emphatic listening, showing sincere interest --> First understand, then be understood.

⋅ Constructive flirting --> Showing presence, radiating attractiveness, and drawing confidence.

⋅ The art of giving the flirting conversation the desired direction --> Ideal course of conversation or chat.

⋅ Asking meaningful questions and using humor --> strategies that lead to the next date.

Nonverbal communication

⋅ Interpret and use facial expressions and body language.

⋅ Being able to use the decisive phases in online and offline flirting --> from attracting attention to approaching.

⋅ The logic of flirting --> Separate observation from interpretation: be able to distinguish conruent (uniform) from nonconruent (facial expressions/body) language.

⋅ Recognizing subtle emotions in a flirting partner --> Flirting in tune: interpreting and reflecting emotions.

Flirting with the whole body --> Use of the 5 gestures to support the flirting behavior.

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