Flirt properly: How do I look attractive to women?


Don’t ask yourself how to find the woman of your dreams, rather ask yourself what makes you a confident flirting partner.

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1. flirt properly with the help of life coaching

You haven’t had any success with women yet, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. Anyone can learn to flirt properly! The reason why this does not succeed is the same for 90% of men. You worry and think too much. They wonder how they will come across and what they should say once they have plucked up the courage to approach or write to a woman.

What is striking is that the focus is almost always on one’s own shortcomings. This looks needy, and makes you unattractive to women.

Fortunately, in most cases, this focus can be shifted easily and quickly. After all, the right question should be: How do I make myself a confident flirting partner?

That means you should focus your attention on your strengths, where you are in life and what makes you a man. Only then will you manage to flirt confidently.

Once this first hurdle is cleared, we can take a closer look at your dating issues and goals. We’ll work on your dating plan.

2. flirt properly and appear confident: Dating Plan

For successful flirt coaching, it is important that precise topics are worked out. Only when these are clearly formulated can we arrive at the desired flirting goal through practice.

  • 1. elaborate topics
  • 2. formulate goals
  • 3. reach the goal through practice

1a Topics – Flirting in everyday life

→ Why do I not manage to approach a woman?

Fear and resignation
→ Why do my flirting attempts fail?

→ Why do other men attract the interest of women and I do not?

Maintaining tension in conversation
→ Why do women always lose interest in me so quickly?

→ How do I manage to be attractive?

1b topics – online dating plan

Profile text in partner and dating platforms

→ Why do I only get requests from women I am not interested in?

Opening a conversation
→ Why do I rarely get a response to my contact requests?

Making conversations interesting
→ Why do women always ghost me?

Interesting profile pictures
→ How do I choose appealing profile pictures?

Set up a meeting
→ When should I invite them to a meeting?

Proper flirting and dating goals

You determine what your real life dating goals are, for example:

  • You want to overcome your fear of approaching someone.
  • You want to be able to have interesting conversations.
  • You want to keep the tension up in a conversation.
  • You want to exchange phone numbers with a woman.

You determine what your online dating goals are, for example:

  • You want to choose the right profile pictures that portray your personality and strengths.
  • You want to experience exciting chats
  • You want to receive letters from women who appeal to you.
  • You want to convince a woman to meet you.

3 Practical exercises → Success

Each session is accompanied by practical exercises that are put into dating practice. When it comes to dating in everyday life, I will accompany you, optionally with a female companion. We practice flirting in the café, in the park or wherever.

If it’s online dating you’re after, we’ll look at your profile pictures, improve your appearance and prepare your next steps. If you don’t know your way around, I’ll help you choose the dating portals and dating apps.
→ In the case study, I describe the path to success for you

3. case study flirt correctly: “The wrong woman”.

Problem: The wrong women online dating

Solution: New images that fit the personality

Success: Party Girls instead of “girl next door

Case study in online dating without dating plan: The wrong women

Problem dating without dating plan

A customer named Nick describes his problem: “I only get matches with women who are not my type.”

We look at his texts, with which everything is fine. They correspond to his personality and appear authentic. However, he sends the wrong signal with his profile pictures. Because he smiles friendly in all photos, he looks very trustworthy and empathetic. This is called the affiliative smile.

The target group from which he gets feedback consists of commitment-oriented women who are looking for a steady relationship and a man to start a family. If he is unlucky, he even ends up in the friend zone.

2) Solution

That was not Nick’s intention. He already has enough female friends. He is currently looking for more of a casual relationship and exciting dates. All it takes is another smile. One with a little ambiguity and irony.

3) Success

After Nick put his new pictures in Bumble and Tinder, he actually gets matches with the “real” girls soon. We have improved his overall profile pictures a bit more and used a profile template . Nick has enough dates now and can even get picky.

Conclusion: Nick’s online presence was not coherent. His images did not match his goal. With small changes we have achieved his flirting goal.

4. what distinguishes a confident appearance and flirt correctly?

The question of what makes a confident flirting partner cannot be answered in such a general way, it is too individual. In the case study with Niklas, however, the following can be deduced:

Sovereignty for Niklas means that it radiates what he intends. It shows in his smile.

A friendly look conceals his intentions, he is not authentic

A sly smile shows his intentions, it is authentic.

It shows a man who is not shy. His mischievous smile – combined with intense eye contact in everyday life – means he wants to flirt with you and is into you. It is clear that he is interested in you and makes you smile.

Such a mischievous smile is sympathetic, charming and is also associated with a sense of humor, repartee and profundity. These are almost all the characteristics that women want in a man.

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Flirt properly: How do I look attractive to women?

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