Flirting as a woman: In 3 steps to the longed-for partner


You are satisfied, but

Flirting as a woman is often not that easy: You still haven’t been able to impress an attractive man, even though you are likeable, good-looking and financially independent.

You may have the following concerns or fears:

You constantly compare yourself

-Why is it so easy for other women (friends) to find true love, but not for me .

-Why do I always read so much about romantic relationships in magazines or on the Internet, but nothing happens with me?

-Why do I even compare myself, it only makes me more miserable?

Flirting as a woman: You despair when online dating:

-I only get contacted by creeps or needy men!

-Where are all the attractive men?

-Tinder is all about sex and the dating portals are all about bores.

You’re overwhelmed with dating on a day-to-day basis:

-I don’t dare approach him, that’s actually what men do.

-And, if I ever approach a man, he is overwhelmed.

-I actually don’t know where to approach men.

On the actual date, you’re wasting your time:

-On the first date it turns out right away that we don’t fit together.

-It doesn’t come to a real conversation at all.

-He looks completely different from his online profile.

Dating is not fun for you when it comes to flirting as a woman:

The online portals are terrible, men are unimaginative and uncreative … Your inbox is full of messages like:

“Hi how are you?” – “Well, what’s up?” – “Hey, you’re really attractive!” – “Cool picture, where were you?”

You don’t even respond to that, it’s just boring.

Occasionally a man makes reference to your pictures or your texts in an original way, but just when it looks promising …

Turns out he has gateway panic and wants to send you his phone number right away. Or in the end, just quick sex.

Who are you supposed to trust?

Meeting an attractive man in everyday life is difficult.

If you do like one, you are speechless at first. Or you talk your way out of it and assume he’s taken anyway.

The matter seems hopeless on the subject of flirting as a woman.

And when it does come to dating, it doesn’t get much better.

You wonder why you always meet weird or boring guys in online dating. You want to know how it is that interesting men are never seriously interested in you.

You want fewer bad dates. Your time is too precious to you.

You want to meet interesting men who have a serious interest in you.

You want to achieve the following goals:

-Have an online profile that attracts attractive men.

-Have interesting dates with men who match your desires.

-Know how to attract interesting men in everyday life.

-Know how to react when you are approached by attractive men in everyday life.

-Perform confidently and without fear.

-know how to interpret certain signals.

-know how to quickly weed out dodgy types.

My experience as a flirt and life coach

You want to find an attractive, confident man for life.

As a professional flirt and life coach I will help you. We will find an attractive man for you who suits you.

A man with whom you can talk at eye level, who takes your needs into account, is emotionally balanced and pursues his own goals. In short, a man who stands in the middle of life, who is confident and radiates attractiveness.

Thanks to more than 10 years of experience as a flirt and life coach , I have already brought many women and men together. That’s why I, of all people, can help you with effective coaching.

The strategy that leads to the desired life partner

Step 1 – Stand in the middle of life – flirting as a woman

First we work out a strategy. In doing so, we look at your life as a whole. Where are you in life? Are you fulfilled by your work and satisfied with your social contacts?

Especially here my background as a life coach helps you with the topic: Flirting as a woman

The more confident you are in life, the easier it is for you to meet attractive men.

Step 2 – Fulfill your wants and needs

Once the first hurdle is cleared, we look at your needs and what you want, whether it’s online dating or everyday flirting. Are you just looking for interesting dates for now and don’t want to commit yet, or do you want to commit to an attractive man permanently?

Step 3 – Know what makes men tick Find dating partner

In the last step, we plan how you can find an attractive, commitment-oriented man. A man who stands in the middle of life, who cares for you, but also gives you freedom. Someone who makes you feel safe, heard and understood.

That is, with effective coaching, you will find the right partner who wants to have a lasting happy relationship with you.

Here directly to the request…

Flirting as a woman: In 3 steps to the longed-for partner

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