Improve profile – 4 steps to success


Thomas is having much more success now, he gets at least 5 good matches a week, but we still want to perfect his profile. Somehow he is still not completely satisfied with his professional description in his profile. After all, that’s where all the girls look first.

He’s even seriously considering a career change just to look cooler to potential dates. If he is successful with that, he wants to work with me on his self-worth. I tell Thomas that he should first focus on the topic of his profession. We were, after all, on the subject of improving the profession in the profile.

Being a tax consultant is not very sexy, he says. Then let’s make the profession “sexy,” I suggest. Somewhat surprised, he agrees. I still assure Thomas that the text and profile picture must always be well coordinated. As a person who loves ordenuchs, he gladly agrees to continue working on the profile.

Thomas (perfected) profile in 4 steps

1) What I do

With me, everyone loses their fear of numbers ;). I help Start Ups, as a freelance tax consultant to keep their finances in view. (picture 1 in suit)

2) What I like

Here you can see how I’m trying to teach my dog ‘MacGyver’ (sorry his name is really like that;-) how to read. (Picture 2 -his dog looks sadly into a newspaper)

3) how I spend my weekends

Sporty or relaxed (on my balcony) → see picture 3 and 4

4) What I am looking for

Hard to say, a sweet smile can blow me away:-)

Conclusion profile

A profile is never finished, it is important to make small changes, change images and write new text modules. For Thomas, it is also very important not to fall into the famous friend zone. He is still a bit shy, but his flirting attempts are becoming more and more original.

© Timo ten Barge [22 .01 2022]

Improve profile – 4 steps to success

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