Free initial consultation

Free initial consultation (15 minutes)

First contact for the purpose of making an appointment via a
WhatsApp message /Tel: 0157-77397394

I will get back to you immediately!

Procedure: Online conversation via WhatsApp, Skype or Zoom

An important prerequisite for successful flirt coaching is that the chemistry is right – that you feel comfortable in the conversation and have the feeling that you are at the right address with your concerns.

That’s why I offer a free initial consultation online.

In general, the rule of thumb is: the clearer the objective, the more effective the flirt coaching will be
It therefore makes sense to ask yourself the following questions in advance:

Important questions:

1) Exactly what topics do I want to work on?
2) What is my goal – What do I want from flirt coaching?
3) What would be an excellent outcome for me at the end of the flirt coaching process?

WahtsApp/Tel: 015777397394
Skype address: Flirtcoach-Muenchen

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