Profile text with template – so you get more matches when dating


Thomas has many dating apps and always uses the same profile text. He only has 1 or 2 matches a week. The women are okay, he says, but he can’t manage to keep the tension in the conversation. He even met one woman and it went pretty well, but she just wanted something friendly.

Do I have some standard phrases, he asks? I explain to him that we should work on the profile text first and that I will bring up the topic of ‘Folow up’ in the dating conversation in the next session with him. First, we are to work on his dating profile. Since he wants to have some kind of universal profile text for all sites – he has Tinder, Bumble, Elite Partner, Parship and even some more,- we agree on a very simple principle.

We use only 4 text modules for a maximum of 2 profile texts. For Tinder, a brick or even a sentence is often enough. For Parship he can take all 4. So there are slightly different dating profile.

Thomas first profile text

– Tax consultant with passion,
– sporty (kickboxing and judo, mountain hiking etc.)
– Fond of traveling, but also like cozy evenings together (with you) on the couch:)
– Cook affin (I can cook an egg after all;-)
– sociable and funny, my friends say;-)
– Dog lover
– I am looking for you, spontaneous, sporty, open and above all: humorous!

Suggestions for improvement Profile text

1 Describe things humorously instead of a mere listing of things, a listing of things is too boring, you will be sorted out immediately with the dozens of letters. The fact that Thomas has still come answers, speaks very much for his appearance;-) better works the show not tell principle. Saying that you are a travel enthusiast can also be done by phrasing it in a different way, e.g. passionate collector of beautiful memories. The point is to seduce them with originality.

2) Show personality by describing yourself in an original way, for example, professionally, instead of just mentioning the profession. This is also important for interesting experiments like speed dating, where you need to be briefly convincing.

3) Create curiosity instead of boredom by standing out from the crowd. Each set should have something original to offer. If you are already at the end of your creativity here, then …. Well, you know!

4) Offer hooks and make them laugh instead of making them click on in bewilderment. The text building blocks, along with your pictures, should provide enough of a hook to get her talking funny. z. For example, your dog’s name is not really ‘Kollegah’, is it? There are many ways to come across a little cooler.

5) Get them to write to you by the overall profile convincing them that you are interesting enough to write a short response first. Of course, that’s all for now;-) then comes the next hurdle, the approach of a woman.

The 4 building blocks in the profile text

Important! Reference to the profile pictures.

1) What do I do? Profession: best describe with funny elevator pitch

2) What do I particularly like, hobby: Describe something you are passionate about. z. For example, play guitar or play in the park with your dog. You can also make a bucket list or an antibucket list: Describe what you have plans for in life right now, or what you are mindful of right now and content without big goals. There’s really enough here for you to describe.

3) How do I spend my free time? The way you spend your free time now is roughly how it will be spent in the future. Don’t forget that she needs a connection there. Your weekend must look interesting, fun or exciting to her or she will never write.

4) What am I looking for? To describe a dream woman here would be deadly. Even quite innocuous descriptions like athleticism can make her feel overwhelmed and simply bored. It’s just not the right moment here to talk about such exact contents, that’s why it’s better to subtly avoid them. If you want to have more than just a nice acquaintance, you should broach the subject of passion in good time, or show it through closeness at the latest when you meet. After all, Thomas fell into the friendship trap at his only meeting.

Thomas second profile text

Mission statement: Accomplice wanted for adventures all over the world, maybe starting with Munich;-) are you in?
N.B. A guideline is recommended at some portals

1) What do I do? I make sure that start-ups are doing everything right financially, even if I’m wearing a suit. [siehe Profilbild]

2) What I like most: Going on a ramble with MacGyver – sorry, my dog is really called that;-) [Bild 2]

3) How do I spend my free time? Am a passionate collector of beautiful events [Urlaubsbilder]

4) What am I looking for? You:-) spontaneous, open, humorous


Try to avoid the mistake of writing what everyone else is already doing, you will rarely succeed. The 4 building blocks will help you to be a little more original.

Advance finished profile text

In the next blog, I’ll describe how I continued to work with Thomas on his profile. You can always improve a profile, but since he got enough matches by now, he was very happy with the final profile.

© Timo ten Barge [10 .10 2021]

Profile text with template – so you get more matches when dating

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